Good user experience doesn't just happen; it has to be planned and carefully carried out, with the users kept at the center of the process. Luminanze Consulting serves businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in making their products effective, efficient, and satisfying to use. We collaborate with our clients to design products that work for people.

Whether your product is desktop software, a web site, a web application, a complex command-and-control system, a multimedia application, a training course, or printed materials, Luminanze has relevant experience. And we can apply user-centered design techniques at any step in the process, from goal setting and planning through requirements and design to operations and maintenance. Our services improve the users' experience of your product and enable them to achieve their goals — which is why they use your product.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Then user-centered design is for you! Luminanze can help:

Luminanze Consulting can help you succeed — by making your users successful.

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