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21 July 2011

Chromostereopsis in UX Design: A blog entry for comments

I’ve just written an article on Chromostereopsis in UX Design, which you’ll find elsewhere on this site. I posted it as a regular web page (in my “Writings” section) because I felt its length and depth were too much for a blog post. So I’ve created this blog post to provide a place for comments. I [...]
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12 July 2011

My Comment to the White House on Federal Websites

Today at 4pm EDT (I’m writing this about 5-6 hours earlier) the White House will have a live chat on improving Federal websites. I plan to be there. I put in a comment via the form at Here’s essentially* what I said: The problem is not so much the number of Federal domains (although I agree [...]
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9 February 2011

Mobile boarding pass: Not for me, thanks

Yesterday I used a mobile boarding pass for the first time. United Airlines’ checkin didn’t make me choose between mobile and paper, so I chose both — it wasn’t a risk to try mobile because I would have the paper as a backup, just in case. I clicked “Mobile” and had it sent to my phone [...]
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8 October 2010

A Seminar and a Panelist Statement

I recently participated in a Dagstuhl seminar called “Demarcating User eXperience”. This 2.5-day workshop brought together 30 UX researchers and practitioners into an Eighteenth-Century manor house cum computer science conference center, just outside a tiny German village, to define the boundaries of the field of UX and begin writing a white paper about it. The [...]
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6 June 2010

ATAC’s new in-bus displays: A step forward, but more is needed

Rome’s public transportation system, known as ATAC (Azienda Tranvie ed Autobus del Comune di Roma), continues to improve in the 20+ years since my first visit to this wonderful city. For example, some of the bus stops now have signs indicating when the next bus is expected to arrive (see the article in L’Occhio – [...]
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