My Comment to the White House on Federal Websites

Today at 4pm EDT (I’m writing this about 5-6 hours earlier) the White House will have a live chat on improving Federal websites. I plan to be there.

I put in a comment via the form at Here’s essentially* what I said:

The problem is not so much the number of Federal domains (although I agree that it’s probably too large), but the wide variation in information archecture and navigation for similar types of content. I’d like to see some standardization in information structure and navigation for overlapping content, and (even more importantly) in user-centered design processes.

I plan to “tune in” to the live chat this afternoon.

*I say “essentially” because I copied my comment to the clipboard before submitting it, planning to paste it here… but then I absentmindedly copied something else there while logging into my blog. So I had to re-create my comment from memory. Some of the words differ, but the sense is the same.

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