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8 October 2010

A Seminar and a Panelist Statement

I recently participated in a Dagstuhl seminar called “Demarcating User eXperience”. This 2.5-day workshop brought together 30 UX researchers and practitioners into an Eighteenth-Century manor house cum computer science conference center, just outside a tiny German village, to define the boundaries of the field of UX and begin writing a white paper about it. The [...]
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24 March 2009

Susan Dray: A portrait for Ada Lovelace Day

A few months ago I made a pledge to participate in Ada Lovelace Day . This project asks bloggers to dedicate March 24 to blogging about women who excel in technology, to help provide girls and young women with role models in a variety of technological fields. I honor Ada Lovelace Day today by writing [...]
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