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27 September 2009

So you’ve volunteered to review for the CHI 2010 UX Community

I’m delighted to say that, in addition to seasoned CHI-goers, I’ve recruited as CHI 2010 reviewers a number of strong UX practitioners who are new to CHI reviewing. Many of you have asked me what is involved in reviewing for CHI. Rather than answer you all individually, I am posting the information here. Reviewing Process The first [...]
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15 September 2009

Submission to IxD10: Hone Your Surveys!

Title: Hone Your Surveys! Abstract Free your surveys from the biggest common flaws. Most of us find ourselves inclined to conduct a survey at least once in a while. Although surveys cannot replace observation, interviews, or empirical usability testing, they can be a cost-effective adjunct to more direct user research if designed and used appropriately. Unfortunately, too many [...]
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15 September 2009

Submission to IxD10: (Re)Designing Researcher-Practitioner Interaction

I’ve just submitted one of my two proposals to the Interaction ‘10 conference. Here’s what I submitted: Title: (Re)Designing Researcher-Practitioner Interaction Abstract Do you wish you knew more about what research was available to help guide your interaction design decisions? Do you have the feeling that it’s out there but you aren’t sure where to find it or [...]
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31 July 2009

User Experience Tweeps

Note: This list has become too big for the blog, so I’ve moved it to the main site, under Resources. You’ll find it here:
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7 May 2009

Help eBay buyers find your other auctions

Do you sell on eBay? Do you ever put up two or more related items at the same time? If so, consider linking your items to each other. This will make it easier for buyers to find all of your items — much easier for them than clicking “View seller’s other items” when they have [...]
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