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2 December 2011

Usability in Government Systems — A Forthcoming Book

Just before US Thanksgiving of 2011, my co-editor and I delivered to our publisher the manuscript of a new book on usability in government systems. Two and a half years after Dianne Murray suggested doing a book and we chose the topic — and six weeks after I began the most intensive period of work [...]
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8 October 2009

When Alphabetical Order Is Not Logical

Every so often, the question comes up among interaction designers and usability professionals regarding whether alphabetical order is a logical order. (See, for example, the February 2009 discussion on the Interaction Design list.) We’ve all seen numerous lists that appear in alphabetical order (and in which it makes sense): country, state, surname, street name, auto [...]
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31 July 2009

User Experience Tweeps

Note: This list has become too big for the blog, so I’ve moved it to the main site, under Resources. You’ll find it here: http://www.luminanze.com/resources/uxtweeps.html
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29 June 2009

My funniest moment in usability testing

As a consultant in interaction design and usability assessment, I conduct a fair amount of usability testing . The kind of testing I do generally involves preparing test scenarios in advance, because my clients and I want to make sure we test the aspects of greatest interest and concern, and that we test them the [...]
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20 March 2009

Hold the elevator!

Go to a conference on human factors or human-computer interaction, and I bet you’ll find that the most common elevator topic is the design of the button panel in the conference hotel’s elevators. The Web is full of thoughts on elevator buttons. A Google search on the phrase “elevator buttons” returns “about 49,000″ hits. Although some [...]
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