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30 January 2010

Music: Does Listening Enhance or Hinder Creative Work?

I’ve read many comments from other user experience folks about listening to music while they work. Most of them express the same as I experience: I can listen to music while I am designing or constructing a site or prototype, but it interferes with my ability to write. For me this is true even for [...]
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23 April 2009

Don’t ask why

Or, Everything I know about guiding conversations I learned from psychotherapy Conversations play a critical role throughout user-centered design, from requirements elicitation to usability test debriefing to issue resolution. And when our objective is to be objective — to avoid biasing the information we collect and the responses we receive — it behooves us to pay close [...]
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24 March 2009

The personality of a blog

I’ve just read Rachael King’s article in BusinessWeek called “What Your Blog Says About You” . Rather than describe Typealyzer myself, I’ll quote from King’s article: Typealyzer is a research project that looks at how language reflects a person’s psychological type and his or her motivations and interests. The site was created by Mattias Östmar [...]
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