CFP: CHI 2010 Workshop on Researcher-Practitioner Interaction

Workshop Overview

This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners of human-computer interaction to explore whether and to what extent difficulties exist between them — and, if so, will endeavor to identify the dimensions of the problems and propose possible solutions. On the one hand, we will work to articulate factors that may render the research literature inaccessible or irrelevant to practitioners and to suggest potential improvements and approaches. On the other hand, we will also strive to learn from researchers how their research could benefit from practitioner input. We invite practitioners and researchers to submit a position statement of up to four pages, plus a short bio, by email to ebuie [at] luminanze [dot] com by 5pm EST on 6 January 2010 (note new date), to participate in this one-day workshop.

Your position paper should attempt to answer one or more of the following (or related) questions:

  • How can the usefulness of research papers be improved to suit varied audiences?
  • How should research be disseminated to different audiences, including practitioners?
  • What are the barriers that discourage practitioners from adopting research findings?
  • How can research papers be made more accessible to practitioners?
  • How can collaboration between the two subcommunities be enhanced, for future CHI conferences?
  • What should students of HCI and interaction design be taught about research, to prepare them for the practitioner world?

We will select a variety of viewpoints from participants with diverse experience. Participants will have access to all of the accepted position statements in advance, to facilitate pre-conference discussion and to support the formulation of discussion questions. The organizers will also publish a draft agenda to prepare for the in-depth discussions during the workshop.

Up-to-date information on the workshop will be available on this blog post, which can be reached directly at

Please note that participants must register for the workshop and for at least one day of the CHI 2010 conference. Fees for a one-day workshop at CHI 2010 are estimated to be $175.

Important dates

  • Submission deadline – 6 January 2010 (note new date)
  • Notification – 30 January 2010 (note new date)
  • Workshop – Sunday, 11 April 2010 (contiguous with the main conference)


Please feel free to contact any of the organizers with questions.

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